50 Years Partners with Nature - Koppert Biological Systems international seminar
50 Years Partners with Nature - Koppert Biological Systems international seminar
50 Years Partners with Nature - Koppert Biological Systems international seminar

50 Years Partners with Nature - Koppert Biological Systems international seminar

In 1967, Jan Koppert and his son Peter started to develop biological solutions for crop management in horticulture. In the 50 years that followed, Peter Koppert, his brother Paul and their cousin Henri Oosthoek built a global company in biological solutions. With subsidiaries in 27 countries, 1600 employees and thousands of customers and partners, they contribute to the better health of people and the planet. In partnership with nature, Koppert makes agriculture healthier, safer and more productive. 

Seminar: 50 Years Partners with Nature

Koppert's 50th anniversary seminar reflected the gratitude that Paul, Peter and Henri feel towards global employees, partners and customers. Gratitude for everything that the company has accomplished. The seminar was Koppert's medium to express their gratitude and contribute inspiration to their global partners. 

Goals for the seminar

- Celebrate Koppert's 50th anniversary with international relations
- Inspire guests with Koppert's vision that 100% sustainable agriculture is possible
- Empower innovators in the industry
- Make new connections to establish a strong global network. 

All photos: Rogier Bos

KRUKX' role
KRUKX had the honor to develop an inspiring and engaging programme for this seminar, based on Koppert's mission, vision and core values. KRUKX developed the central theme, contracted & briefed speakers in preparation for this celebration. Additionally, KRUKX helped some of the speakers in their preparations, coached them and organised practicing sessions and rehearsals.
For this event, KRUKX worked with Koppert colleagues and event organiser Advance events.

Programme 50 Years Partners with Nature

Koppert's Mission
Koppert contributes to the health of people and the planet. In partnership with nature, Koppert makes agriculture safer, healthier and more productive.

Koppert's Vision 
Koppert Biological Systems works towards 100% sustainable agriculture, globally.

Koppert aims to be the best partner in sustainable crop management for growers and the best producer and supplier of live organisms for agricultural use. To increase our impact, we will inspire our global network and collaborate with partners that can help to accelerate the process towards 100% sustainable agriculture. 

Koppert's Culture
Koppert's culture and organisation are based on 5 core values: 
1) We partner with nature
2) We work for growers
3) We build global networks
4) We keep improving
5) We are family

The programme for Koppert's anniversary seminar revolved around their mission, vision and core values. We aimed for this day to unite our global network, increase collaboration and bring inspiration.


Martin Koppert, third generation Koppert, shared his third generation story, reflecting on 50 years of corporate history and his personal vision on Koppert's future. Photo by Rogier Bos

Sandra de Weert, Microbiology expert for Koppert, introduced the importance of networking. Together with Martin Koppert, she introduced different groups in the audience to eachother. Photocredits: Koppert

Johan van de Gronden, philosopher and past CEO of WWF NL, shared a philosophical reflection on nature, the beauty of nature and our human vision on nature. We need to realise that nature is not just 'functional'. We don't need to reason everything, because nature is most of all admirable and a source of joy for people. Photo by Rogier Bos

Joel Salatin, co-owner of Polyface Farm, is internationally renown for his circular farm. He shared his inspiring vision on how every person and animal can contribute their personal talent to a farm, leading to healthy profits, inspired employees, happy livestock and a balance with nature. In Joel's farm, every person, animal and plant is doing what they love most and do best to contribute to the overall result of the farm, both financially and in overall enjoyment. Photo by Rogier Bos

Jacob van den Borne, The Tech Farmer, is a frontrunner in precision agriculture. He uses state-of-the-art technology to understand 'mother nature' and realise optimum results in his 500 hectares potato farm. Jacob explained how he advances from 'farm management' to 'zone management' to 'plant management'. Photo by Rogier Bos

Mario Steta, COO for Driscoll's in Latin America added his view on the social aspect of sustainable farming. Because farming is not just about production or about making a profit. Farming is about the lives of millions that spend their days on farms and that want to lead a good life. Photo by Rogier Bos

Maurizio Montalti is a designer with a passion for living materials. He develops sustainable alternatives to plastics, leather and other 'unsustainable' materials, using fungi. He showcased his objects in a series of beautiful photos, inspring explanations of what drives him and his colleagues. In addition, Maurizio is researching whether he can use Koppert Biological Systems' waste streams from the Microbiology department and use them as ingredients for his natural materials. Photo by Rogier Bos

16 Innovators pitched their innovation in a dynamic show. Left to right, Top to bottom:

Mark Durno, Rockstart AgriFood AcceleratorWe love AgriFood startups
Tom Groot, Koppert Biological Systems - Phytoseiulus Persimilis, the best has yet to come
Jord Prangmsa, FaunaPhotonicsSensor solutions for real-time insect monitoring
Milenco van Helfteren, AgroPestAlert Internet of Things solution for early detection of agricultural pests
Tim Bossinga & Yvonne van Houten, Koppert Biological Systems - Ulti-Mite: Changing the game in biological control
Koos Biesmeijer, Naturalis Biodiversity CenterBees Know How
Rigoberto Bueno Partida, Koppert MexicoOn a mission to boost education for Mexican Farmers
Javier Borondo Partida, AGrowing DataBig data analysis for better decisions
Evert Hamblok, Koppert Biological Systems - Changing the Rules
Hans Schoolderman, PWC / Arc-net A Blockchain solutions to deliver food chain transparency
Natasja Oerlemans, WWF NLRegeneration of biodiversity, a rewarding strategy.
Arjan Koppert, BesticoConverting biomass into high-quality protein
Ollie Smeenk, KukuaEmpowering Africa with weather data
Sara Wink, Agrics Quality farm inputs on credit for East-African smallholders
Peter Blezard, AzoticLet crops fix nitrogen directly from the air
Sjoerd van der Ent, Koppert Biological Systems - Microbes for every agricultural challenge

Photos: Rogier Bos 

All Pitch-decks from innovators can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the presentations. 

Greg Shapiro: Comedian. American. Dutchman. And the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video with over 50 million views. Greg was today's much appreciated host for Koppert's international seminar, adding his characteristic sense of humor and quick analysis. Photo by Rogier Bos

Download the full programme for Koppert Biological Systems - 50 Years Partners with Nature.


Koppert's international seminar was visited by approximately 750 people from 30+ countries. Guest were all invited by Koppert and its international subsidiaries. 

A celebration should be entertaining. A day to remember and a day full of energy for everybody. Our pool of great entertainers was specially selected and briefed to support the central theme of this day. 

Photos by Rogier Bos
Ravenna Moscoso, pianist and singer, contributed some great musical inspiration, with songs that were specially selected for this event.  
The Touchee Dance company demonstrated the Glowdance and their leader Marlon Alvares inspired over 700 guests to dance along. 
Sandwizard Gert van der Vijver shared the Koppert (hi)story in a mesmerizing way, through sand drawings. 

Event organisation
KRUKX was responsible for programme development and content under supervision of Koppert Biological Systems' project steering group. Advance events was responsible for practical organisation and realisation of this event, including location set-up, audio and visual technology, practical project management and catering.